New Dawn In Banking...Let Success Take Wing!

Winged Horse Change is never an easy thing, especially for bankers; however, with all the new reforms, regulations and a wildly changing economy, the advent of a new era in banking is upon us! You can become grounded by the weight of frustration and fear of change, plunging your bank into the sea of sameness where so many others drown. OR, you can embrace change.and let success take wing!

CTB can design and help you carry your message over your competitor's, while targeting the heart of consumers. Why be like the competition when you can be different and in the difference, see results. Your bank can soar to some new heights with the right products, the right message at the right time; NOW. CTB has the resources and a proven track record of success to help you develop the products and make people want them, while separating your bank from your competition. We will also keep you on budget!

Who said banking can't be creative. The sky's the limit!

Size doesn't matter. CTB has worked with all types of banks and financial institutions. We can promise you a renewed sense of spirit along with the results and consumers will see you in a whole new light. As the saying goes, "We cannot become what we need to be by remaining what we are". In these changing times, you need to be successful, and CTB will help you spread your wings and fly. Call us at (605) 444-4010.

CTB Marketing and Advertising is owned by CorTrust Bank, NA, currently serving eastern South Dakota and Minnesota.

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